Original idrija lace design Tina Koder

Tina Koder - Original Idrija lace designer

»Lace is like a gentle whisper – you can hear it but to really understand it, you have to come closer.« (T.Koder)

I was born in Ljubljana in May 1979 and grew up in Idrija, the cradle of Idrija lacing techniques. At the age of six, I started attending Idrija's acclaimed Lace Making School and in nine years I gained knowledge of all of Idrija lacing techniques. After grammar school I moved to Ljubljana to study Fashion and Textile Design at the University of Ljubljana.

My connection to lace continued also through a family owned company Studio Koder, established in 1990 with aim to design and promote aesthetically refined products using the aplication of Idrija lace.

Tina with her original lace designs

Tina with her original lace designs (foto Tina Ramujkič)

Toward the end of my studies I began to see lace from a different perspective, imagining it as a new creative challenge, a medium through which I can express myself artistically. In 2003 I graduated from college under mentorship of prof. Vera Sešlar and prof. Metka Vrhunc with thesis „Application of Bobbin Lace on Clothing“ and started creating modern, original lace creations, that have become the focus of my attention in the past few years.

Designing Original Lace Creations is also the topic of my Postgraduate Thesis at the Faculty of Fashion and Textile Design.

Since 2006 I have been conducting research work on lace and lecture and write about my work with lace. I frequently showcase my designs at independent and group showcases and fashion shows at home and abroad. My designs are also a part of regular lace collection of the City Museum of Idrija.

I still often find myself on the road between Idrija and Ljubljana. And I'm still enchanted by lace.

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