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Some of the events where I participated were:

Idrija Lace Festival 2011: the fashion show and exhibition of dresses with Idrija lace

Idrija, od 18. junij do 31. avgust 2011

Exhibition: »Transformation - Spring and Fall« in Idrija Cafe 2011

Idrija, od 15. Jun till 1. November 2011

Design Expo 2009– Ljubljana, Slovenia

A month of design showcase

Ljubljana, 2.-8. of November 2009

Il Merletto a Gorizia – Gorizia, Italy

member of the jury as a fashion designer and lace creator for a competition Il Merletto a Gorizia

Gorica (IT), April 2008

Il Merletto, il Piacere e l'Effimero - Valtopina (Umbria), Italy

a showcase of authors from four countries: Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia

Valtopina (Umbrija, IT), 5-6-7 September 2008

Point of creativity: the meeting point of Slovenian tradition and contemporarty design –Talinn, Estonia

a presentation of Slovenian contemporary artists with roots in Slovenian tradition under the patronage of Slovenian government. I presented pieces from my collection Dianthos (Carnation).

Tallin, Estonija, July 2006

Croire (Believe) – Nantes, Fontainvraud, France

showcase of selected works from European Ways of Living design showcase

Nantes, (FR), Jun 2006

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