Original idrija lace design Tina Koder

Video - Tatoo lace evening dress Collection

Designer evening dresses with lace

A unique designer evening wear with original Idrija lace details by Tina Koder.

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Tina Koder - Original Idrija lace design

Lace and products with lace applications created as one of a kind pieces. Idrija bobbin lace technique designed with Tina Koder's signature style.

Tina's lace at Berlin import messe 2011 - Slovenia

Tina's lace will be visiting art and craft fair Berlin import messe 2011 (Import Shop Berlin).

  • Little blue bell lace scarf

Designer lace products: Jewellery, Fashion Accesories, Home Decoration, Gifts and Dresses

My lace and products with lace applications are created as one of a kind pieces or part of a limited series. If you have something very special in mind, I'm glad to be at your disposal for a personal consultation.

Idrija lace

  • Idrija lace

Idrija lace is a special type of bobbin lace. It's named after the town of Idrija, the oldest and most important Slovenian lace center. In 1876 the distinguished Idrija Lace Making School was established there and it has been nurturing and enriching the art of lace throughout all these years.

Fashion Accesories

  • Little blue bell lace scarf
  • Lace scarf: Little flower

Lace Fashion Accesories – details which draw the eye

Lace scarfs and women's handbags

Designer Lace Jewellery

Lace jewellery – small tender delicacies

Lace jewellery: earrings, brooches, badges, bracelets, necklaces...

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